Taxpayer-funded AIDS programs subsidize Gilead CEO John Martin’s salary

Meanwhile thousands are cut off from these very programs due to funding shortages. Martin repeatedly jacks up drug prices to line his pockets. He’s at it again with Stribild, charging a shocking $28,500 per year – 37% more than existing drug regimens. Stribild doesn’t work better than other drugs, and may be less safe, yet Martin is demanding taxpayers pay more!

Gilead is demanding that states pay a higher price

For Stribild even though it does not work better than existing HIV drugs, and may be less safe. For example, studies have shown that Stribild is clinically similar to Atripla (the most popular HIV treatment on the market), in terms of controlling the HIV virus and keeping patients healthy. A separate study found that it causes more kidney problems than Atripla and other HIV drugs. If Gilead gets its way, the state will be forced to pay more for a drug that does not provide an improvement to patients. This will needlessly raise healthcare costs and ultimately put lives at risk.

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